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Providing video traffic across the globe!

Welcome to SquareVid!

SquareVid is a creative forward-thinking company which offers direct advertiser campaigns, open RTB integrations, access to some of the largest Private Marketplaces as well as 3rd Party Demand.  Our advertisers can purchase inventory across our network of websites, partner sites or mobile applications.  We take pride in our traffic quality and utilize the services of IAS, Forensiqs, DoubleVerify and MOAT to ensure that our advertisers are getting the highest quality traffic.


  • Pays on time!
    SquareVid is a great company to work with.  They took good care of us and pay promptly for our traffic.  I would highly recommend working with them, especially in this era of chargebacks and late payments.  A breath of fresh air in the video space!
  • Helped grow our business!
    SquareVid has helped to grow our business.  They are a refreshing company to work with, because they are not afraid to test new ideas, concepts and traffic.  Their out of the box attitude helped us to us surpass our revenue goals!